The Labour and Human Resource Department Punjab (L&HRD-P) has established its first Migrant Resource Centre in Lahore to increase the accessibility of the intended migrants, migrant workers and their families, to general and specific information on safe migration and work abroad.

The L&HRD-P acknowledge that Migrant workers bring substantial benefits – remittances in origin countries and human capital in destination countries but unfortunately the official channels for migration are failing to distribute the benefits equitably among employers, intermediaries and workers. It is also a well-known fact that malpractices including high costs and fees, misrepresentation of the contract, failure to meet placement obligations and contract substitution are fairly common among licensed agencies and employer in Pakistan and in the destination country. These are some of the abuses that Migrant Workers face during the recruitment process and during employment. Unidentified and unregistered sub agents in the recruitment business is another issue which further contributes to migrant workers vulnerabilities, human smuggling and trafficking in some cases.


The lack of awareness on, and access to various support mechanisms available to migrant workers and their families is another major constraint to the protection and welfare of migrant workers.


Realizing the challenges that migrant workers face, and address them, staff at MRC provide you a range of support services including information, counseling, referral and pre-departure orientation. MRC also provide support and assistance to register complaints to Pakistani migrant workers and overseas Pakistanis.


Our objectives are:

  • To promote safe migration for decent employment
  • To protect migrant workers from exploitation and abuses from recruiter and
    the employer
  • To raise awareness on their rights and responsibilities as migrants and
    migrant workers
  • To raise awareness about safe migration options and discourage irregular


Contact us if you are:

  • Intended migrants
  • Migrant workers
  • Students
  • Returnees
  • Overseas Pakistanis
  • Migrant workers family members